Perhaps it should be Welcome to the Dani and Jo Show!

Dani said some nice things about me but, she is the heart and soul behind this blog.  Dont let her fool you!

I am Jo  aka  the jo.  Alot of ya’ll know me from group(s) and my mad compulsion to email authors and tell them how wonderful I find their books.  I luv reading and must admit that ROMANCE is the preferred genre….from there I will read and/or devour everything from historical to scifi…with a leaning on mystery/suspense/thriller.  Through it all I must have romance and prefer an HEA ending but will accept *grin* an HFN ending or continuation to the next book (as long as that story finishes).

What we want to have here is a place for authors to get the word out to readers on their new books, old books, revised books and interviews they may be doing (when and where) or book reviews they are proud to share.

As Dani said, she and I have alotta medical problems and will try to make sure the joint keeps jumpin but there maybe times when things are kinda slow.  Please have patience with us as we get this thing started.

Thanks for showing your support by following us!  and I think the romance community is filled with wonderful folks!

your fan, friend and supporter,

the jo

~ by readmorromance on February 26, 2012.

One Response to “Perhaps it should be Welcome to the Dani and Jo Show!”

  1. Hey Darling glad your feeling better and started a blog

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